Realising When Fitness Has a Detrimental Effect on Life and Knowing When to Make a Change

Stop Celebrating Your Problems And Make A Change, With Former Drug-Free Bodybuilding Champ Skip LaCour

The dedication required in personal training and bodybuilding can sometimes mean that we neglect other areas of our lives. This could be anything from being present in our relationships to striving for financial success. We can get locked into thinking that all we need to do to be content is to dedicate ourselves to punishing gym sessions and obsessive calorie counting. However, is it worth neglecting other areas of our lives in pursuit of greater muscle mass and perfectly sculpted abs?

“Many of us in the fitness industry who live it and teach it, don't really realize how much focus, energy and willpower it consumes”

- Skip LaCour

About Skip LaCour

Skip LaCour is a six-time drug-free bodybuilding champion, with over 30 years of experience in the personal development and fitness industry. He worked with Tony Robbins and appeared on infomercials seen by millions of people throughout America.

He specialises in helping men get their lives back on track, allowing them to face up to their challenges and overcome obstacles. He focuses on attitudes towards training, and how people can change their perceptions of how to lead a healthy and balanced life.

He runs the massively successful Manformation audio seminar course, allowing thousands of men to build their confidence and their leadership skills. He also provides nutritional information and supplements through his company Mass Machine Nutrition.

Also an author, his book Confessions Of A Recovering Bodybuilder will be out soon.

Show Highlights 

• Why Skip turned to fitness in the first place
• How he changed his outlook once he realized fitness was having a detrimental effect on other parts of his life
• How Skip grew and developed his many business ventures, and what he has learned along the way.
• Why he thinks that the fitness industry spends more time celebrating problems than trying to provide solutions and how this can be changed

“I love fitness, I live it and I breathe it. I understand a lot more why I went down this route and I am starting to understand some similarities between all of us”

- Skip LaCour

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