The Simple Habit That Will Help You Stay in Love with Being a Personal Trainer

Finding Your Inner Guru, with Timber Hawkeye - PT COREtrepreneur Podcast 

We can all think of that one person who doesn’t know when to say ‘enough.’ Maybe it’s money, or food, or sex. Outwardly, they seem to have everything they need. But inwardly, they are trying to fill a bottomless hole with ‘more.’ For those in the fitness industry, it’s their size, their strength, their reputation, and their earnings. How does a healthy activity like exercise become corrupted by insatiable and ultimately self-destructive desire?

Buddhism has a lot to say on the matter. Just about everyone has heard “The root of all suffering is attachment”. So where do our attachments come from? From comparing ourselves to others. It’s only by practicing mindfulness that we can stop feeling guilty and unsatisfied about our lives – including our personal appearance and fitness – and start acting in accordance with our true values. But don’t worry, it’s not necessary to join a monastery or even become a Buddhist to practice mindfulness.

“The reason we’re so addicted to more is because we haven’t defined what "enough" looks like.”

- Timber Hawkeye

About Timber Hawkeye

Timber Hawkeye is the author of The Buddhist Bootcamp and Faithfully Religionless, a Memoir. After studying Buddhism for many years, Timber Hawkeye had a realisation - that the lessons contained in Buddhism about mindfulness and gratitude are equally relevant outside of a religious context, and can be adopted by just about anyone. He presents key concepts from Buddhism in accessible, non-academic language. Quiet your mind, take an honest look at yourself, and feel grateful for your own life.




Show Highlights

• Why training the mind is equally as important as training the body

• How practicing mindfulness puts us in control of our emotions and behaviors

• How to stop comparing yourself to others and start doing things for the right reasons

• Developing gratitude: treating everyone you meet as a potential teacher

• Why careful self-reflection is the key to discipline

• How meditation helps us locate and listen to the wise voice within us


“That’s your goal - to be just as flexible with your mind as you are with your body and vice versa.”

- Timber Hawkeye


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